How to get Outfit Voucher+ in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

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Layered Armor is one of the core mechanics in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s fashion game, and for much of your playtime, you’ll only have access to Low and High Rank Layered Armor. Those selections include most of the monsters in the base game, but you won’t be able to put any new armor looks on your current setup. That all changes once you have access to Outfit Voucher+ materials. Master Rank Layered Armor opens up for crafting with these materials in your inventory. We’ll cover how to get Outfit Voucher+ items in this guide.

Where to find Outfit Voucher+ location in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Outfit Voucher+ doesn’t appear in any standard Master Rank quest, Follower quest, or otherwise. The only source of them is in the rewards screen after you hunt an Afflicted monster. You unlock the ability the fight Afflicted monsters in Anomaly quests after completing the main story campaign of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, defeating Gaismagorm, and reaching MR10.

Once you get your first Outfit Voucher+, head over to the Smithy, and you’ll be able to craft Master Rank Layered Armor using Voucher+ items and a few materials from the monster whose Armor you want to make. Be aware that higher-difficulty Anomaly Quests don’t usually provide additional units of Outfit Voucher+. You will only get one or two per completed quest.

You’re likely going to farm plenty of Anomaly quests as you make your way through the Sunbreak endgame. Almost all Rarity 10 weapons require seven units of Afflicted material like Afflicted Bone to craft. The later in the campaign you fought the monster, the higher the difficulty of the Anomaly quest you’ll need to complete. You’ll unlock additional Anomaly quests as you progress through MR20, MR30, and MR40. You don’t unlock any levels beyond four-star quests, but all of them still award Outfit Voucher+.