How to get pearls in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Who doesn’t love pearls?

Pearls will be a rare commodity that you can find while searching the sea in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You need these items to craft the particular DIY items in the game, and they’re a bit difficult to find. There are two ways for you to locate them, and unfortunately, both methods are a bit difficult and time-consuming, so you find yourself spending quite a bit of time attempting to locate them while swimming around your island.

The first method is to receive them from Pascal, a red otter you can interact with once a day when you obtain a scallop. It will be a random drop, though. Traditionally, Pascal offers you one of the rarer mermaid items that you can find in the summer update, which means you do miss out on something when you receive a pearl. However, because of the other method to supposedly locate a pearl, it might be a decent alternative. Remember that Pascal only shows up once a day, so if you want him to show up multiple times, you will want to time travel.

The other way you can earn pearls is by diving in the ocean when you see bubbles. A pearl is a random spawn among the many you can find in the ocean, so you won’t always find while diving around, and we can’t seem to find a sure-fire way to determine if a black dot on the ocean floor is a pearl or not. You may find yourself searching and searching for them only to trade Pascal a scallop to receive your first pearl.

Once you have your pearl, you can take it to your workbench to craft any of the available items you want to add to your island to give it more of a summer theme.