How to get Shark Teeth Tokens in Sea of Thieves

Too bad it’s not a shark tooth necklace.

Image via Rare

Shark Teeth tokens are an exclusive currency you can collect in Sea of Thieves by competing in the Hunters of the Deep. It’s available for a limited time where you complete shark-related activities. Earn enough to turn those tokens in to unlock Shrouded Ghost ship accessories to adorn a new sail, flag, hull, and figurehead. The Hunters of the Deep starts on August 26 at 00 UTC until September 8 at 23:59 UTC.

These are the events you can complete to acquire shark teeth tokens:

  • Locate and find Merrick’s Journals (three locations)
  • Sell Shark Meat to the Hunter’s Call
  • Die to a Shark
  • Collect the blue flame
  • Kill a Megalodon

Of the four activities you can do, killing a Megalodon is likely the toughest to complete, but it yields the most tokens. It’s worth your time to do if you have a full crew working with you. Finding the Megalodon is no easy task. They roam the waters and will randomly spawn behind or alongside vessels, eager to attack your and your crewmates. Should you have enough cannonballs on board, taking it down only takes time and coordination to fill up any ship leaks.

For those who are playing by themselves, collecting the shark meat and taking it any of the Hunter’s Call company members is probably the quickest. You can find them at the various seaposts all over the sea, like the North Star Seapost or The Wild Treasures Store. These are different from the traditional outposts in the game, for instance, the one you start at when you log in.

Once you have enough you can turn your Shark Teeth tokens in to unlock your favorite of the Shrouded Ghost ship pieces. The event will only be available from August 26 at 00 UTC until September 8 at 23:59 UTC, so collect and cash them in while you can.