How to get snails and bugs off rocks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are available specimen everywhere.

Every so often, while wandering around your island, you may spot a snail or another bug resting on top of a rock in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Rather than scaring the little creature, you may want to capture them.

When you see the little creature hanging out on the rock, you don’t want to knock on it or disturb the rock. You usually do this with an axe or a shovel to obtain stones and iron or gold nuggets. Instead, you want to take out your handy net and use it as if it were a butterfly floating around in the air.

Use your net as you traditionally would and will capture the new specimen. You will hold it and your character will explain what it is. From there, you want to bring to the museum to add to your growing collection and find out if there are any other bugs or animals you can grab that rest on rocks.

Whenever you see a small creature resting on the rock, feel free to grab it sell for Tommy or Timmy, or add to your museum. It’s never a bad idea to go out of your way to grab more specimens for your collection, so remain on the lookout for anything.