How to get supplies, ingot, leather, and iron ore in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Numerous way to get the various items scattered in the open world.

How to get supplies, ingot, leather, and iron ore in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla there are multiple ways to make Eivor stronger. One way is by unlocking skills, which increases your power level and stats of your character. The second way is by upgrading your gear which helps you in inflicting more damage and reducing the damage you take.

To upgrade and enhance your gear, you need certain items in the game. These are usually leather, iron ore, and ingots. Leather can be found in two ways, in chests and by killing animals. Usually, chests are the best way to get leather since killing animals rewards with a very little amount of leather. Chests can be found scattered in the game’s open world, and are marked by the golden chest symbol on the map.

Likewise, iron ore can also be found in chests and scattered across the world. In the wild, iron ore can be found amidst shiny rocks. You need to break them to get the iron ore inside it. Ingots can only be found in specific locations on the map. These are marked by the brick symbol on the map and are a bit difficult to obtain since it can be hidden in heavily fortified places.

For upgrading your settlement, you need to add buildings, and that requires supplies. Supplies can be obtained from chests and by raiding monasteries. Monasteries are marked in red across the map and you need to be along with your crew to raid a monastery. You can summon your crew and start a raid by clicking on the raid icon in the quick-action wheel, or by selecting the raid option directly while you are on the longboat.

Once a raid begins, the treasure chest locations will be marked on the map. Open these treasure chests to gain supplies. Once you have collected all the treasure chests in a given monastery, the raid finishes.