How to get the Elderflame weapon skin bundle in Valorant

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Image via Riot Games

The Elderflame skin is Valorant‘s first ultra edition skin. An ultra edition skin will go over the Vandal, Guardian, Frenzy, and Operator weapons, and comes with an exclusive knife, alongside a finisher that happens when players go for a kill. There only be one way for players to receive this skin bundle, and it will be from purchasing it for 9,900 Valorant Points, which equates to $90, and becomes available on July 10.

You can purchase these points directly in the Valorant store. After you buy the required amount of Valorant Points to buy the bundle, you can choose it from the store and equip it to your account. The weapon skins for the above weapons, and the knife, will be available for you to equip so you can see them in every Valorant game. The Elderflame skin turns your guns to appear like a dragon, with life-like movement and rippling flames all across your weapon. It also slithers and moves whenever you reload it, transcending the experience of a traditional gun look.

The Elderflame set is the first of many upcoming skins players can look forward to in Valorant. If more players appreciate this skin bundle, future weapon skins could see similar and much weirder effects that the art team has the chance to work with.