How to get the Full Clearance achievement in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

Keep Clarice alive as long as possible.

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The Full Clearance achievement in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes deals with the death of the side character Clarice. The achievement states that you must “have Eric regret bringing Clarice on the mission.” The only way to do this is to help her survive until her inevitable end. Here’s how to do it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Clarice first disappears near the beginning of the game when the team falls into the cave system. She reappears during the Bloodbath chapter when Rachel is maneuvering her way through the blood-filled chasm.

Make sure Eric stays alive

Before Clarice comes back from the dead, there are a few ways Eric can die. Avoid making these mistakes:

  • During the Breaking Up chapter, cut the rope to avoid having Eric fall into the chasm. He will end up getting impales by a spike if he falls.
  • Avoid having Eric go with Nick when searching for Joey. This will lead to him getting shot by Salim after Salim and Nick work together to kill a creature. Alternatively, Eric can come, but you need to have Salim run away after helping Nick.

Save Clarice in the pit

Once Rachel meets up with Clarice in the pit, Clarice will guide Rachel to safety. They will begin climbing back up to the temple, but first, you need to make a few decisions. Clarice is sick from the beginning. Later on, she will confess that the creatures did something to her. Ignore the obvious signs that you should leave her behind and encourage her.

You will have to reassure her that the medicine will help her before Rachel swings across the chasm. As Rachel, toss the rope back to Clarice, and she will swing over. The pair will now head for the temple.

Stop Clarice from dying

Unfortunately, you can’t keep Clarice from dying, but you can delay it. Many of the team members will disagree with Clarice being there. Keep choosing the options that keep Clarice alive. They are pretty obvious. As Rachel, make the choices of “It’s not your decision,” and “Don’t do it, Jason.” As Eric, choose the options “she’s one of us,” and “we can’t give up hope.”

Doing this will ensure that Clarice sticks around until she turns into one of the creatures. During The Assault chapter, Clarice will turn and attack Eric. This will kill him and get you the achievement.