How to get the Gift of Vesiphone in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Only the purest need apply for this treasure.

Image via Blizzard

On your way to earning the Treasures of Bastion achievement in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, you’ll find the Gift of Vesiphone on your list. Although some of the accomplishments can be difficult when locating treasure throughout Azeroth, this is not one of them. All you need to know is where to go, and that’s where we can help. Make sure your character is Level 60 before you go after this treasure.

To start, hope a flight to the Aspirant’s Rest location on your map. From there, head east until you reach the tower located at Purity’s Pinnacle. The treasure chest is in plain sight at the top of the tower. Naturally, the chest is locked, and it tells you that you’ll need a Proof of Purity to gain access to the chest. Fortunately, the proof is not in any pudding, but a more easily accessible substance: water.

If you face the treasure chest, you’ll notice a bell to your left. Interact with it, and ringing the bell will summon a trash mob called the Lingering Impurity. It should go down with one attack. You can now turn around and stand under the waterfall, which will grant your character the Proof of Purity buff (this wouldn’t be doable if that nasty creature were still lurking nearby).

Now that you’re proven to be 100% pure, you can open the Gift of Vesiphone chest. You’ll likely find some trace amounts of Anima, and you’re guaranteed to get an adorable new companion named…you guessed it…Purity, a white fox who you can take with you into any pet battles you might want to conquer.