How to get the green and purple flames from the Well of Fates in Sea of Thieves

Prepare to die.

Sea of Thieves Skeletons

Image via Xbox Game Studios

There are six unique flames of fate you can acquire in Sea of Thieves. By acquiring all flames of fate, it gives you access to the Fort of the Damned. There’s a lot of treasure inside it, but you need a full crew to complete the challenges. For those looking to acquire the green and purple flames of fate, we have those answers for you to make your progress easier.

How to get the green flame

To unlock the green flame of fate, you need to perish at the hands of a mob enemy on land. That shouldn’t be too difficult, as you can find skeletons, Ocean Crawlers, or Phantoms on nearly every island in the game. When you encounter an enemy, merely let them take you out, and then when you die, approach the center flame while standing on the Ferry of the Damned. Once you have the green flame, take it back to your ship and light a lantern with it.

How to get the purple flame

There are a few ways for you to perish for those looking to unlock the purple flame of fate. You can die by the fangs of a snake, by being hit by a Venomball from another player, or have a Kraken take you out using its poisonous ink. You’re better off letting a snake bite you than the alternatives. Much like the skeletons, you can find snakes on almost any island you encounter. Approach the snake, have them bite you a few times. Eventually, they should kill you, and you’ll appear on the Ferry of the Damned. Approach the middle flame, add it to your lantern, and then bring it back to your ship to add to your collection.