How to get the limited edition Super Mario pin set

Be rewarded for your lifelong love of this mushroom-loving plumber.

Along with the highly coveted Super Mario 3D All-Stars being available for a limited time, so will a nifty set of Super Mario pins. Certainly, you can wear them, but each is inspired by the NES series’ cover designs, making this collection pure, nostalgic eye-candy. Best of all, the set won’t even cost you a cent. Rather, Nintendo asks those interested to complete a set of online challenges that are all quite simple.

Each challenge needed to obtain the pins

There are seven challenges, but they are more like short steps with each taking up, at most, a minute of your time. To obtain the set, you will be required to own a Nintendo Switch, eventually, a copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and have access to Nintendo’s website and the Mario Kart Tour mobile app. There’s no specific order to complete these; however, two of them are time-sensitive.

  1. Firstly, you want to ensure that you are logged into your Nintendo account from your Nintendo Switch, internet browser, and Mario Kart Tour.
  2. Secondly, download and open Mario Kart Tour from either your Android or IOS device. You’ll want to search and race in the Super Mario Kart tour. You won’t need to win, but finishing it is a must. The tour will be active from September 9 to September 23 – so act soon.
  3. The next is the easiest. While logged into your Nintendo account from their website, visit before December 22.
  4. Once there, scroll down, and you will find a short five-question quiz you’ll need to take. There are two difficulties, but neither are much of a challenge.
  5. On the site, there is also a Mario History tab that you’ll have to go to. Download one of the three “This is my Mario” images.
  6. After, go to Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ Music page, and listen to the six available tracks. As long as you click on each, you will complete the challenge.
  7. The last and biggest step will be to purchase a copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Once you’ve obtained the game collection, redeem the Gold points from your buy. This step can be done from September 18 to March 31, 2021.

You may be wondering how in the world Nintendo can know if you’ve completed these steps. Well, if you go to the My Nintendo Missions tab on Super Mario’s dedicated-page, you can see Nintendo has set up a checklist that displays your progression. The site does mention that the reward is available until supplies last. So, if it’s anything like Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ limited production, you’ll want to do all of these as soon as possible.