How to get the Screw Attack in Metroid Dread

Lost and confused looking for your last few upgrades? Here’s how to get the infamous Screw Attack.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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If you’re a longtime fan of Metroid, you are probably familiar with the Screw Attack, a late-game upgrade that allows Samus to jump-attack through enemies and blocks. It makes its return in Metroid Dread and can be a little tricky to figure out how to acquire. But, worry not — here is how you can get the Screw Attack without getting lost in Metroid Dread.

First, you will have to acquire the Gravity Suit, located in Burenia — there’s some water you need to jump around in. Second, you need to have unfrozen Artaria by defeating Experiment No. Z-57 over in Cataris. Third, while not strictly necessary, having the Pulse Radar upgrade makes it easier to find the hidden path. After completing all of that, head back down to Artaria and make your way to the location below.

From here, you can see the path to the Chozo Statue that contains Screw Attack — however, if it’s your initial time through, the path will be hidden by some blocks. Make sure you use your Pulse Radar to find them and deal with them accordingly.

You now have the Screw Attack! Besides being cool to look at, it also allows Samus to break the blue lightning blocks scattered throughout the game — which means you can finally progress to the final boss.