How to get the Varia Suit in Metroid Dread

This upgrade is necessary for Samus to complete her mission, and can be a little tricky to get to.

Image via Nintendo

Like any other game in the Metroid series, Samus will need to get a lot of upgrades to complete her mission. One of the most ubiquitous upgrades is the Varia Suit, a suit upgrade that allows Samus to traverse superheated rooms without taking constant damage. This is especially important in Metroid Dread, because you’ll run into your first superheated room within the first 30 minutes of playing — and trust me, there’s plenty more after that too.

To obtain the Varia Suit, you first need the Morph Ball upgrade, obtained after defeating the green E.M.M.I. in Cataris. Once received, proceed to the location in the image below:

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is a “Teleportal,” a device that warps Samus to another area entirely. This one, in particular, will warp Samus back to Artaria and where you can obtain the Varia Suit. Immediately upon warping in, you will see an Energy Recharge station, and it’s recommended you top off your energy with it — you’ve got a gauntlet coming up.

Make your way through the area until you come across a Lava Redirector and activate it. This will cause the area to slowly start superheating, and turn it into a vertical gauntlet. You will need to evade flame vents and explosions as you make your way upward but do so quickly because the longer you take, the more damage you will receive.

Once you scale the gauntlet, you will find a Chozo Statue that contains the Varia Suit. In addition to being able to traverse superheated rooms, you will also find your Dash Melee to be stronger. However, you will not be able to survive lava for very long.