How to get to Supersonic Legend in Rocket League

Can you reach the mountaintop?

Image via Psyonix

Rocket League has seen a lot of changes to the features and systems surrounding the game since it went free-to-play in 2020. From considerable Rocket Pass seasons alterations to small crossplay changes, Rocket League has adapted to its new model pretty well. A pretty big significant difference on the competitive side of the game is the inclusion of a new rank called Supersonic Legend. Here is how to get that rank.

Supersonic Legend is reserved for the very best of the best in Rocket League’s competitive mode. As Psyonix calls it, it is the “mountaintop” for anyone who takes the game seriously. With this change, the previous highest ranking of Grand Champion has been split into three different sections like the lower ranks. Should you reach Supersonic Legend, you will receive unique rewards at the end of the season for accomplishing that feat.

So how can you reach Supersonic Legend? Simply put, you are going to need to eat, sleep, and breathe Rocket League. Essentially all of the people who occupy a spot in this rank have put in thousands of hours of playing Rocket League and simply are the best at the game. Of the millions of players who play the game, only a couple thousand regularly make it. If you find yourself stuck in the ranks of gold or platinum, it is probably best to give up on the idea that you will ever come close to this mountaintop.

To reach Supersonic Legend, your MMR will need to reach the following thresholds in each mode:

  • 3v3: 1916 MMR
  • 2v2: 1876 MMR
  • 1v1: 1356 MMR

You can find your MMR by bringing up the ranked selection screen. Go to Play, Competitive, and if you have played through your placement matches, you will see where you currently sit.