How to give date gifts in HuniePop 2

Put the odds in your favor.

Date gifts are one of the ways that you can pump up your scores in HuniePop 2. You can give them to dates to cause special conditions that can improve the number of points and seeds you get from making certain matches.

To get date gifts, you need to buy them from the store. Hit the spacebar to open up the HunieBee, then click on the store tab. There will be various kinds of gifts available, and they will cost a different amount of seeds to buy.

You can earn seeds by making matches on your dates, and they come in four different types:

  • Talent
  • Flirtation
  • Romance
  • Sexuality

All date items will have their own seed cost to buy and a different effect. For example, the item shown above will decrease the number of broken heart tokens that fall by 25% for the remainder of the date after you use it.

All date items also have a Sentiment cost, so you will need to build up enough Sentiment to be able to use the date item by matching sentiment tokens for the girl to who you want to give the date item too.

One very important detail is that you need to assign the data item to a girl before you even start the date. Open the HunieBee and click on Gifts to assign the date items by dragging them into the boxes for each girl. Then, during the date, earn Sentiment, and only then will you be able to use the items.

Date items will appear on the opposite side of the screen from the girl who you can give them to when you have built up enough Sentiment, and only then can you drag the item across the screen and drop it on the girl’s portrait to use it.

As you can see in the image above, we have enough Sentiment to use the Fox Plush, which costs 4 Sentiment points. We can then drag it across the screen and drop it on Lailani to use the date gift.