How to heal and recover MP in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Watch over your health and mana while you run around.

Your character’s health points and MP are essential to wandering the streets and completing missions in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Without enough health points, your characters will receive a KO and fall to the ground, unable to participate in a battle, potentially forcing your party to be knocked out. If you don’t have enough MP, none of your characters can perform any special skills, their abilities and spells. Both are important. There are several ways to recover both of them during combat and out of it while wandering around.

How to heal and recover MP while wandering around

When you’re out of combat and wandering around the game, you have a few more options available to recover your health and MP. A great way to do it, for free, is to open up your mini-map and look for the green heart icon. You can visit this location to a small fridge that recovers you and your party’s health and MP. These are generally friendly districts. You won’t always have this option available to you, but it’s a free way to recover your stats.

The alternative is to use any of the food or drink items you have in your inventory. To access them, open up your menu, and you can find them under the item’s category. They should be in the recovery items tab. You can also hit the auto-recovery button on the main page to use them automatically.

Alternatively, and likely the more expensive option, visit any restaurants or shops in the streets. The shops will have the food and drinks items for sale that you have to use in your inventory later. However, the restaurants have a bit more options. The restaurants feature a recommended dish, but you have the opportunity to select from the menu. If you choose the correct combination from the menu, you not only receive your health and MP back, but you also gain some experience. The restaurant is the most expensive option.

How to heal and recover MP while in combat

If you want to recover your health and MP in combat, you have far fewer options. For MP, you can only use the items in your inventory, and it must be the turn of the character you want to use the item on. For example, if you wish Nanba to recover their MP, you cannot do it on Kasuga’s turn. It has to be during Nanba’s turn in combat, which means they won’t be able to attack or defend. The same goes for healing.

Some of your characters, such as Nanba, have skills that recover their health and their teammates. On Nanba’s turn, you can use their healing skills for other characters to regain health, but it costs MP, and it uses up Nanba’s turn.

You want to make sure all of your party members have enough health and MP to wander around the city. If they’re walking around with these stats low, it makes combat impossible, and you can find yourself losing encounters during your journey.