How to heal teammates in Super Animal Royale

You can be a Fantastic Mr. Fox for your buddies.

Image via Modus Games

Super Animal Royale will leave you and your teammates scarred from incoming bullets and swings from melee weapons. In your party, your cute animal buddies will have dwindling health, and you’ll need to save them. But it’s relatively hard to actually heal teammates without the proper tool at hand. Here’s how to do it.

To accomplish this simple act of healing teammates, you must be bestowed upon the Dogna’s Dart Gun. It’s a weapon in Super Animal Royale that can deal poison damage to enemies but will give heals to teammates simultaneously. According to the Super Animal Royale Fandom wiki, it heals 6 damage every 0.6 seconds at four ticks. It is only a mid-range weapon, so make sure that your allies are close to you when you heal them. You can also heal yourself with the juice you collect throughout the map.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Dogna’s Dart Gun is available to all players and can be picked up on the map. You can equip extra colors based on the number of kills you get with the weapon, or you can purchase the Skunk Dart Gun from the S.A.W Shop for 200 tickets.

The standard Dogna’s Dart Gun looks like a long black weapon with red and green buttons and wires to the side of it. It almost looks like a sniper rifle. It has a grey tip and handle.

You can also drop a banana for your friends to eat if you have the banana forker super power-up equipped.