How to hire Crewmates for your Railjack in Warframe

I am the Captain now.

Image via Digital Extremes

Railjack 3.0 will introduce the Command Intrinsic, allowing players to staff their Railjack ships with NPC crew members that can assist them in missions where they are playing with less than four players.

The first step to getting Crew for your Railjack is to level up the Command Intrinsic and unlocking some slots for the crew. Once have these, it is time to go to Fortuna and speak with Ticker.

Ticker will have a new menu option at the bottom of their menu that allows you to hire crew members. The available crew will rotate, and each one will have different abilities where they excel, so be sure to check their stats before you purchase them.

There will also be available for a range of prices, and those prices can vary depending on your standing with various Syndicates. For example, a New Loka crew member will cost less if you have good standing with New Loka yourself, but will cost more if you have poor standing with them.

When a crew member is hired, they will be available forever, you will only need to hire them once. They can also be leveled up and improved, and this is done just like weapons as they will earn Affinity during missions which can then be converted to competency points and used to increase their stats in various areas.

Additionally, converted Kuva Liches are available for Crewing your Railjack as a Defensive powerhouse who are very difficult to take down thanks to their incredibly high Health stat.