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How to increase character power in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Increasing your character power makes you stronger in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds.

Increasing your character power will show your peers how strong you are, and it’s a sign of your progress within this MMORPG. There are multiple ways you can increase character power within the game, including crafting new weapons and leveling up. Here’s a full explanation.

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Your character power is similar to how the popular shooter Destiny works with its equipment strength and overall rating of your guardian. The better the equipment and stats you have, the bigger your character power. Basically, it’s the number of strength that is tied to your main protagonist.

Leveling up and upgrading equipment

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The best way to increase your character power is by leveling up and gaining character power (CP) by your increased attributes. This can be done by completing main story quests and side quests presented throughout your journey in Evermore and beyond. For example, when you reach Level 10 as a ranger, your CP will go up by 702. My attack and defense stat also went up by two points.

That is not all you can do to increase your CP, however. Go to your menu by pressing or tapping on the three-dashed symbol on the top right. Then, select “Equipment” on the left side, which has an axe and a spear crossing over each other. Next, select “Polish,” which has a hammer and an anvil.

From this menu, you can upgrade your weapons and armor by sacrificing other equipment. Something to keep in mind, though, is that four-star equipment is harder to upgrade than the one-star variety. However, once you level up the equipment, it will gain in CP. When you equip it, your character’s CP will go up. Stronger weapons overall will maximize your CP output. Increasing your CP will likely lead to fewer potions being used.

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Mounts and familiars

In addition to leveling up and upgrading or equipping armor, you can gain CP by finding a new mount. They can also be buffed up by spending gold and using two feather teasers. This feature is unlocked after finishing the Unexpected Company mission from Great Uncle Autumn.

If that isn’t enough to keep track of, familiars can also be upgraded. They can be trained under the Familiar menu. You can also level the familiars up by sacrificing other familiars, which seems cruel and sadistic. However, make sure you have enough to keep a full party of three later on in the game. Like Pokémon, they can be evolved once they reach their maximum level. This process will increase your CP over time.

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