How to juke in Madden 22

Fake out the competition.

Jukes, much like with stiff arms, can be an effective tool to stop opposing defenders from taking you down in Madden 22. A juke, for those who might be new to Madden, is essentially a sidestep move in which you fake going in one direction, pivot, and then go in the opposite direction. Jukes are great for faking out defenders, particularly human ones. But how do you use a juke in Madden 22? Let’s go over what you need to do.

To perform a juke, you will need to use either the right stick on an Xbox controller, or the right analog stick for the PlayStation. While you have control of the football, shift the stick either to the left or right, depending on what direction you want to go in.

Similar to slides, it’s important to give yourself some, but not too much space on the field prior to using this move. If you use a juke too close to a defender, you might move right into a defender and not be able to get the animation off. Try a juke while you’re in empty space, and you won’t accomplish anything. It’s important to find that fine line between being too close and too far away from a defender, so make sure to get some practice time in before using jukes on a regular basis.