How to Kick a Phillak That Has Kicked You in Jedi: Fallen Order


A Phillak is a large mountain goat-like creature Cal encounters while on Zeffo in Jedi: Fallen Order. The animals have a mean temper, and they’re difficult to take down. An achievement in the game asks Cal to kick one immediately after it kicks him.

Before you can adequately complete this quest, you need to unlock the Evasive Kick ability, in the Lightsaber skill tree. It’s directly in the middle of the tree, with a small character kicking forward with a lightsaber in their hand. To perform the move, dodge out the way, and then use the primary attack button to land the kick.

It takes a bit of time to get a Phillak to want to kick you, unfortunately. You’re probably going to engage one a few times before it gets the urge to you. They don’t do it immediately. It’s going to run at you and use its large horns on its head to harm you. You may be tempted to jump around behind it to compel it to kick you, but that’s not the case. Stay in front of it.

Slice at it a few times and dodge most of its attacks. Eventually, it will rear up and lash out a series of kicks. When these hit Cal, wait for the next attack and dodge with a quick strike. Cal should reach out with his leg and land the blow on the creature. You should unlock the achievement shortly after doing it.