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How to leave your hotel room in Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel

Someone is knocking.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

Nothing in Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel is easy. Once you arrive and settle into your room, it becomes apparent that the investigation is going nowhere, so you decide to leave. However, something then happens that you can’t ignore, leaving you locked in your hotel room with someone banging at the door. This guide explains how to leave your hotel room so you can start digging into what’s just occurred.

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Step 1: Have a shower

Screenshot by Gamepur

Following the prison escape, and a short cutscene, Roberto decides he needs a shower. Walk into the bathroom to start another cutscene, during which a black hole appears out of nowhere. This is the trigger for everything else that’s about to happen, but if you remain in your room, you’ll be stuck.

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Step 2: How to unlock the bathroom door

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve woken up in Roberto’s room, everything will have changed. Someone is banging at the door and the bathroom is now locked. First, make your way to the desk to the right of the room’s door, and pick up the note, the timepiece, and the strange triangular prism object. You can’t unlock the door yet, so turn around and examine the desk with the laptop on it. There are some useful notes and objects to interact with. Finally, look down and you’ll see a suitcase.

What is the suitcase lock code?

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’ve been paying attention and examining your items, you’ll likely know this code already. If you haven’t, open your inventory and examine the triangular prism. It has three numbers on it, one on each side. These represent the lock code, with one on the left-hand side, one in the middle, and one on the right-hand side. For us, the suitcase lock code was 368.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The suitcase contains the bathroom key. Pick it up and use the key on the door to the bathroom to unlock it.

Step 3: How to open the safe

Screenshot by Gamepur

There’s another suitcase on the bathroom floor next to the bath. Open it to find a note that has a code on it. This is the code to Roberto’s room safe. Turn around and go back into the room. The large wardrobe ahead of you has a safe inside. Open the doors on the far left of the wardrobe and you’ll see the safe.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Type in the code, and you’ll be rewarded with a camera. However, the camera has no lens. If you examine your notes or remember the first note you picked up, whoever left you the timepiece and triangular prism also mentioned a lens somewhere in your room.

Step 4: Where to find the camera lens

Screenshot by Gamepur

The camera lens is back in the bathroom. Walk inside and look on the shelf above the toilet. You can see the camera lens between a pot of scissors and a tube of “Toothpaste” brand toothpaste. Pick it up and combine it with your camera.

Step 5: How to use the camera

Screenshot by Gamepur

Press the button indicated on-screen to bring your camera out. It allows you to see through it using night vision, which is handy in the dark, but it also reveals objects from another world. Go back into your room and look at your desk. There’s a box on it with a picture inside for you to examine. Check out the wall above your bed for a creepy message, then head back into the bathroom to trigger a cutscene.

Step 6: Leave your hotel room if you dare

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you come back into your room after the cutscene, your hotel room door will be open. Keep an eye on it to see something that absolutely terrified us and will definitely scare you when you notice it.

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