How to level up in Among Us

It’s a big number!

Image via Among Us YouTube

Among Us has always been a simple game of communication and deception. There was not much to it besides what was happening in each round. Now, with the Cosmicubes update, a ton of content has been added to the game, including a new leveling system. Here is how you level up in Among Us.

To level up in Among Us, all you need to do is play and complete games. If you exit a match early, you will not earn any experience toward your level. Instead, you’ll just get a server ban.

Other than completing games, just play the match like you normally would with the role you are given. If you are an Impostor, be sure to sabotage, get kills, and survive as long as possible. On the Crewmate side, survive while fixing sabotages and when it comes time to vote, select the correct person in the meeting.

The new side roles may also give you some experience, but we can not confirm that as of this writing. If you are a Guardian Angel, be sure to follow the Impostor and protect any Crewmates they are sneaking up on. In addition, if you are a Shapeshifter, be sure to transform into others without being caught.

All in all, if you are just playing Among Us like it is meant to be played, you will accumulate experience to level up as you go.