How to level up past trainer level 40 and reach level 50 in Pokémon Go

Time to be the very best.

Image via Niantic

Players in Pokémon Go have been eager to hear more details about what developer Niantic has planned for increasing the trainer level. The trainer level is a player’s level that they’re constantly increasing doing nearly activity, catching Pokémon, leveling them up, evolving them, completing research tasks, and much more. Trainer level 40 has been the highest players could go. During Pokémon Go Fest 2020, Niantic said they were planning to increase it, and players would do it differently than they’ve been doing traditional leveling.

It looks like the only way for trainers to level up past trainer level 40 will be linked to completing specific level up quests. These quests, similar to the research tasks players could receive by playing through the game or attending special events. These level up quests would be restricted for trainers who are only level 40, and players would have to complete all of the quests in the research series to increase their level.

It’d be a different form of grinding. While players at this level are expected to do specific tasks, it’s less of a grind given that it’s not trying to do every little activity in the game. You have to complete certain things. We don’t know if these level up quests are offered in small waves, giving trainers at this level opportunities to finish it or accessible all at one time.

The events start for the Pokémon Go Beyond event on November 30.