How to light candles in Minecraft

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Candles made their debut in Minecraft in the first Caves and Cliffs updates as a fancier way to light up your rooms compared to torches. You can set these wherever you want and imagine the pleasant aroma they give off as they illuminate the area. If you are having issues getting your new candles to give off their glow, here is how to light candles in Minecraft.

What do you need to light candles in Minecraft?

Candles in Minecraft will not be automatically lit when you craft them like torches or campfires are. Instead, you will need to provide a fire source to light them. The most direct way to do this is with a Flint & Steel that you can make with an Iron Ingot and piece of Flint you get from breaking down gravel blocks. Walk up to the set of candles and use the interaction button to light it.

If you want a more indirect way to light a candle, you could use an arrow fired from a bow with the Flame enchantment.

You can place candles of the same color in the same block up to a total of four times. The more candles you have grouped, the better the light they will give off will be.