How to make a lox saddle in Valheim

You can ride them.

Image via Iron Gate AB

The lox are slow, lumbering creatures that you can find throughout the Plains biome in Valheim. These massive creatures take their time to get anywhere, but they can sneak up on you at a moment’s notice and hit you like a truck. Luckily, if you tame one of these massive creatures, they’ll happily be next to you and bide their time. Then, if you’re fortunate, you’ll be able to ride them. But you need a lox saddle, first.

To create a lox saddle, there are several resources you’ll need to create this item. These are all of the ingredients you’re going to need.

  • 10 Leather scraps
  • 20 Linen thread
  • 15 Black Metal ingots

All of these ingredients might be a little difficult to locate, but they’re a worthwhile adventure to ride your lox. Of the ingredients, leather scraps are probably the easiest item to find. You can loot them off of the boars in the Meadows, or you can obtain them from destroying the massive scrap piles in Crypts in the Swamp.

For the Linen Thread, you’re going to need to grow plenty of Flax. This farming ingredient can only be found in the Plains, and you’ll need to steal it from Fulings. Once you’ve stolen it, you’ll need to plant it in a garden exclusively in the Plains biome. You cannot grow it elsewhere.

The last item you’re going to need is 15 Black Metal ingots. Those can be looted off of the Fulings that regularly roam the Plains. Don’t their small size fool you. These creatures are hazardous, and they’re scary in small packs. Proceed with caution when obtaining this item. When you have enough of the black metal chunks, you’ll have to bring them to a blast furnace to meltdown. A blast furnace can only be created after you’ve defeated Moder.

When you have all of those ingredients, bring them to a level one workbench, and you’ll be able to craft your lox saddle. These can only be placed on a tamed lox, which you can tame using cloudberries.

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