How to make Gray Dye in Minecraft

Have a gray day.

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Minecraft’s many different dye colors help add some color and personality to any structure you are building. If you incorporate them, you will make your world look that much more varied. While it might not be the most appealing of colors available, grey is there to help with transitions from black and white. If you are wondering how to do so, here is how to get gray dye in Minecraft.

To make gray dye in Minecraft, go to a Crafting Table with Bone Meal and an Ink Sac in your inventory. To get Bone Meal, kill skeletons and pick up bones that drop from them. Go to a Crafting Table and convert one into three Bone Meals. Squids drop Ink Sacs when they die, so look in water areas for them swimming around. When you have your Bone Meal and Ink Sacs, go to the Crafting Table and make two Gray Dye items. If using the crafting grid, you can place them in any spot.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Like other dyes, Gray Dye can be used to change the color of many different items, including a wolf’s collar, sheep, wool blocks, leather armor, beds, and Shulker Boxes. Additionally, it can be used to make Light Gray Dye, Gray Terracotta, and Stained Glass.

If you do not want to continually gather Bone Meal and Ink Sacs to turn wool gray, you can dye a sheep gray directly. If you use Shears on that sheep, you will get a Gray Wool Block, and the sheep will continually regrow Gray Wool. However, you cannot take the dye from that wool, so you need to gather the items if you want to dye other things.