How to move your community to Trumbull Valley in State of Decay 2

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State of Decay 2’s Homecoming update is live now and allows you to travel back to Trumbull Valley, the location of the first game. While the map was technically already in the game, it was only accessible through the Heartland game mode, which had its own story and wasn’t the traditional State of Decay 2 experience. Now that Trumbull Vallet is a part of the main game mode, you can set up your community in the region and play out the game like you normally would. Here is how you can set up a community in Trumbull Valley in State of Decay 2.

There are two ways you can play in Trumbull Valley in State of Decay 2. The first is to start your community there. Start the game and choose Campaign. If you already have a community in another region and are not ready to move, you can go to Manage Communities. You have three slots for three different communities at one time.

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Choose to make a new community and then select Trumbull Valley as your location. If you have completed the game before with various leaders, you can choose up to two boons from those completed games. You also can import three survivors from past communities.

If you already have a community that you want to move to Trumbull Valley, you will need to upgrade your Command Center to level two. When it is upgraded, you can Research New Territories exits. When you find one, approach the area and confirm you want to leave your area. Beware, though, with this method; you will need to quickly gather new stuff to find a base big enough for your current group.