How to not be a two-way player in Road to the Show in MLB The Show 21

Not many can do what Ohtani does.

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Road to the Show is a journey you take your custom-created player on in MLB The Show 21 to reach the peak of baseball competition. You begin by getting drafted by a baseball organization and you need to work your way into the big leagues. It will be a long, tasking road that will challenge your character’s abilities and how consistently they can perform on the field.

One of the most significant changes this year in Road to the Show is the viability of being a two-way player, or someone who both pitches and plays a positional spot in the lineup. When you start your career, your player is automatically taken as a two-way player. However, if you want to focus on exclusively pitching or being a position player, you can do that as well.

After an MLB organization drafts you, you will have multiple conversations with coaches and your agent. If you do not want to be a two-way player, you need to communicate this with these people early. There will be multiple people asking you about different aspects of your game, so be sure to pay attention and answer how you want to play the game.

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For our case, we wanted to be a full-time left fielder, so we told them we had no interest in pitching anymore. Unfortunately, because the team drafted you and wants to see what you can offer, you have to do at least a trial run as a two-way player. We were forced into pitching one game, but we could give up pitching entirely and focus on being a defensive player after that.

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These conversations will determine your future as a baseball player, so they are important to pay attention to. You get to decide where in the field you play and what kind of pitches you throw, and you can also determine your future of being with a team or somewhere else.