How to pass the ball to teammates in Knockout City

The secret is teamwork. I do a lot of teamwork.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While Knockout City may not feel like it, it is a team game. Sure, it may rely more on each team member’s solo performance to win the match, but there are ways to work together to knock out the enemy team. One of the most important factors in most real-life sports with teamwork is how good the group is at sharing the ball. It may not be quite as crucial in Knockout City, but giving a good pass to a teammate can set them up for an easy hit on an opponent. Here is how to pass the ball to a teammate in Knockout City.

To pass the ball in Knockout City, all you need to do is press the left bumper. If any teammate is nearby and on your screen, you will automatically lock on to them and give them the ball.

While it is good to be a team player, do beware of the dangers of passing the ball. If an enemy is in the way, they can catch the ball and turn the tides in the battle. Also, if no teammate is close or on your screen, you will just throw the ball out to no one.

You and your teammates can also call for a pass from each other by pressing the left bumper without a ball in your hand. If you are not playing in game chat, this can help set up some quick and easy hits on enemies.