How to perform a boost jump and wall jump in 30XX

If you’re falling short, boost jumps are required.

30XX long wall jump
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As a platforming game with elements in roguelike, 30XX will challenge you to explore every corner of its levels to ensure that you don’t miss out on chests filled with currency and upgrades. As the game’s camera is reasonably close to the player, many spots can be tough to spot.

However, getting to them can be even tougher as it usually requires some precision jumping to avoid enemy fire and reach the often tight locations. Gaps in the level can be huge, so knowing how to bridge those locations will give you the best chance of maximizing your loot across levels.

For the long jump, you will need to hold the dash button first. You don’t need to be mid-dash for the boosted effect to take place during a jump. Whilst running through a level, if you continue to hold down the dash button, you will boost jump and see the wave effect that goes past your character. This will provide you with a longer, faster jump at the sacrifice of control.

Performing a boosed wall jump can be slightly tricker as you need to be more precise with your trajectory as you take off. You will be sliding down a wall as you lean into it, so jump up it if you require more height, and then when you are in the position you need to be, hold the dash button and jump in the direction of the target location.

This will allow you to glide off the wall much faster. Be aware that this can leave you more vulnerable to enemy fire as you will have less control over it while also falling slightly quicker.