How to pick locks in Lost Judgment

Nit picking.

Lost Judgement

Image via RGG Studios

Lock picking is a pretty common task that players will need to perform in Lost Judgement. Where your investigations lead to locked doors, you may get the chance to bypass the lock, as long as you know how to pick it.

The good news is that  Takayuki Yagami has a habit of carrying a lockpicking kit on him at all times, so you never need to find one. The overall system of picking locks in Lost Judgement is quite simple. You simply need to move the pins into position.

When you first do it, it may not be entirely initiative, however. The left thumbstick will move between the available pins, and the right thumbstick will allow you to raise and lower the pins. If you look at the pins closely, you will notice that they are not one complete pin. They are actually two pins, denoted by a fine line that separates them.

If you arrange the line between the two pins to be perfectly flush with the line through the lock itself, then the pin will split and be “open,” as shown on the third pin in the image above.

The trick is to just slowly push the pin up until the top section turns gold, then allow the lower section to fall back down again, and the two will separate. Do this for all the available pins, and you will be through the lock and into whatever room people were trying to keep you out of.