How to play as Rev in Rocket Arena

She rides a hoverboard. What more needs to be said?

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Image via EA

It might be hard to decide which Rocket Arena character is the zaniest, but Rev is a no brainer for the coolest. Or at least the one with the sickest ride if you count her shatterboard as a mode of vehicular transportation.

Technically she’s the only character to have anything like that, but beyond the style she brings to the Crater, she’s also an excellent offensive player when used correctly.

Make the most of Rev’s strengths

Rev’s hoverboard gives her the ability to get across the map quickly. She both moves faster and jumps higher than other charactersRegardless of what game mode, this increased maneuverability can always be played to your team’s advantage as positioning is crucial. These aren’t giant arenas here in Rocket Arena, and the small teams mean you want to know where your opponents are, and to be able to get around them and into a good position easily. Rev is exceptionally good at that, and she comes equipped with some hefty artillery and abilities as well.

  • Double Whammy
    • Rev’s primary rocket. This gun has sixteen shots, and while it’s a useful weapon (and you’ll always want to be firing off rounds), it’s slow to start and not the most effective for finishing off your opponents. Instead, it’s good at building up damage while the rest of your team converges or while your other abilities cool down. The gun “revs” up and fires faster if you hold down the primary attack, so make sure you’re doing that instead of firing off rounds individually.
  • Shatter Slam
    • Rev’s special ability. Activating Shatter Slam will give Rev a three-second speed boost. While this doesn’t seem like much, it can get you out of a dicey situation, save you from getting smacked out of the arena, or let you hit someone with a Big Hit.
    • To hit someone with a Big hit, you’ll have to press the primary attack button while boosting near an opponent. This will use your board to smack them hard and is especially useful when charging into a crowd.
    • Getting a Big Hit is what you should always be aiming for with your Shatter Slam. Keep in mind, though, not to telegraph the move too much. If you’re coming straight at an opponent with the speed boost, there’s a good chance they will anticipate the attack. Flank your opponents or catch them from behind to make the most of this excellent maneuver.
  • Mag Mines
    • Rev’s secondary ability. These sticky mines will activate and explode when an opponent gets near. You can stick an opponent directly with a mine, and a moment later, they will explode. You should be using your Mag Mines whenever you can, considering they are a bit more effective than Rev’s Double Whammy and only have about a five-second cool down.

Strategies for Knockout/RocketBot Attack

Knockout is Rocket Arena’s deathmatch, so it’s pretty simple to see where Rev works best in this game mode. Get out there and hit your opponents as hard as possible. When possible, flank your opponent and try and land a Big Hit with your Shatter Slam. Use your Mag Mines all over the place and never stop moving.

Strategies for Rocketball

It’s a little trickier to make the most of Rev in Rocketball matches. She’s fast, so if you can get to the ball, that’s great, but it’s also worth stepping back and using her as an offensive player taking down opponents and retrieving the ball whenever the other team gets a hold of it. Rev cannot use Shatter Slam to boost her speed when she has the ball, so make sure to use her wisely.

Strategies for Mega Rocket

Mega rocket is your standard king of the hill mode. You can’t really play into all of Rev’s strengths in this mode since getting points means staying stationary, and the maps aren’t so big that it’s difficult to get to the next zone. However, since opponents do tend to clump up in this mode, Mag Mines and Shatter Slam can be put to great effect for knocking opponents out.

Strategies for Treasure Hunt

Like in Rocketball, Rev won’t be able to use her speed boost when holding the treasure chest. However, she is extremely useful during the phase of the match, where you have to pick up coins. Her speed and agility work wonders.

Altogether, Rev can be a tricky character to make the most of, but her shatterboard is pretty sweet and makes her a speedy, hard-hitting asset to any team.