How to Play Invasion in Halo: Reach


Halo: Reach has made its way to PC and Xbox One through Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Now those who may have missed it when the game initially released in 2010 have the chance to try it in a whole new spectrum with their friends online. A game mode unique to the game was called Invasion, and it features a six-versus-six game type.

It’s a battle between six Spartans and six Elites. The game mode features various objectives; both teams are attempting to prevent the other from completing their respective duties. You do switch sides after each completion, regardless if you win or lose. If you start the game off as Spartans, you will play as the Elite, against, and with the same party.

There are three different game modes in Invasion:

  • Boneyard: In this one, Spartans are defending a territory from a Covenant invasion, where they have to protect three different locations at a large UNSC ship breaking facility. This game mode can feature eight to 16-person teams.
  • Spire: Spartans are assaulting a Covenant spire with a power core in the middle. After Spartans capture two locations, they have to carry the power core to a ship and send it out.
  • Breakpoint: Spartans defend on this map where Elites are attempting to assault a secret facility. It’s a slightly more linear map on part with Spire than it does Boneyard.

The first round of the matches feature a select amount of loadouts, but after each round more unlock. For example, Spartans have a single class to pick from during their first attacking round in Spire. After they capture one of the two locations and advance to the second phase, two more classes unlock for them to use. By the end of the match, during the final stage, both teams should everything opened to them to use to defend or attack the opposing team.

The defending team wants to spread itself out and protect the first objectives during the initial phases. If any of the points get captured, the attacking team advances, so it’s better to spread out and have a few numbers protecting the two.

For those attacking, you may want to focus on rushing a particular point and defending it from the opposing team. If you can coordinate with specific members, it’s a good idea to send one or two members of your team to the other objective in the hopes you pull the entire attacking team to your side.