How to play specialist Boris in Battlefield 2042 – Abilities, load-outs, tips, and more

Loud and in charge.

Image via Electronic Arts

Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky is a Russian-born engineer that is an aggressive force to be reckoned with in Battlefield 2042. Loud and in charge, Boris brings an interesting kit that focuses on holding down positions with maximum proficiency, making it as hard as possible for the opposing team to take control of wherever Boris decides to set up. Players that like to hunker down and defend will find comfort using Boris’s unique kit.


Specialty: SG-36 Sentry Gun

The signature ability of Boris is one that will make all enemies fear entering your field of view, making it a struggle for them to take your position. Boris can use his SG-36 sentry gun both aggressively and defensively, but it excels in game modes such as conquest, where your objective is holding down points. Try pushing into an enemy-held objective and deploying your SG-36 Sentry as fast as possible to support those around you.

Trait: Sentry Operator

Boris’s trait is further motivation for you to play around your SG-36 Sentry Gun. Whenever the sentry gun locks on an enemy target, it will also spot them for Boris to see and eliminate. Using this ability, Boris can practically hold down tough choke points by himself, getting the edge on his opponents before they even know where they are getting shot from. For this to work, you need to be near your sentry, so be sure to plan around that.

Load-outs and tips

Boris is a specialist that looks like he should be carrying around an Assualt Rifle or LMG, and odds are, those choices will suit you best in most engagements. Boris shouldn’t ever really be playing back, as his kit is most suited to pushing or holding objectives, so an LMG with a lot of rounds to suppress your enemy works hand in hand with your SG-36 Sentry Gun.

In a world with high technology and wingsuits, Boris has his trusty sentry gun, but he is incredibly reliable and holds down positions better than any other specialist in Battlefield 2042. Try to rally your teammates around you and persuade them to play with you and your sentry. Without Boris, it might be hard to take and hold objectives, so consider the sentry-wielding Russian next time you load into the world of 2042.