How co-op multiplayer works in Spiritfarer

Learn how to play Spiritfarer cooperatively and what you can do while playing it.

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Spiritfarer is a brand-new indie game from Thunder Lotus Games for Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One that has you manage your ferry for the deceased as you bring them to the afterlife. It is a slow-paced, relaxing game that supports cooperative play. If you are looking to play the game with a friend but are having issues, read on to learn how to play with a friend and how cooperative play works in the game.

How to play Spiritfarer co-op

While Spiritfarer does not explicitly tell you in-game that there is a cooperative mode, you can play local multiplayer. As of this writing, there is no online multiplayer mode available.

To get a friend into your game, have a second controller ready for them. If playing on a console, log into your accounts or connect your controllers on PC when you are at the main menu. If you have two controllers and two profiles signed in (console only), you can play cooperatively by either starting a new game or picking up from a previous save file, even if you began to it solo.

How Spiritfarer co-op play works

In Spiritfarer, Stella is the main character you play throughout the game and will automatically be controlled by player one in cooperative play. Player two will play Daffofil, Stella’s cat.

Player one will be able to do all the things that Stella can typically do during the single-player campaign, and even though Daffodil is a cat, she can do all of the same actions as well, outside of interacting with other characters. So while player two won’t be able to talk to NPCs to start quests or conversations, they will be able to help manage and maintain the ship.