How to refight bosses and get the True Ending in Monark

A true challenge awaits you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Warning: spoilers ahead for the post-game of Monark.

Once you’ve defeated the final boss, you’ll be warped back to the True Student Council room. A new pop-up appears, explaining how you can now refight all of the Monarks to prove yourself worthy yet again. This is the key to getting the True Ending, as you will have to run a gauntlet of max level bosses and enemies before appearing at the true final boss. Here’s how to get the True Ending in Monark.

Normally, to refight all of the Monarks, you would need to farm each of their Abyssal stages until the phone number appears in your contacts list — this can take several hours, as the drop rate is quite low. Thankfully, these numbers are set in stone, so all you have to do is dial the correct number and you will appear at the requisite throne. Be warned — each of these bosses are level 99 with upwards of 7500 health. You need to go in fully prepared, or you’ll face certain doom.

Here are the numbers in order:

  • Throne of Pride (SIN Monark Superbia): 815-*50-#97
  • Throne of Wrath (SIN Monark Ira): 264-849-#13
  • Throne of Envy (SIN Monark Invidia): 68*-761-110
  • Throne of Lust (SIN Monark Luxuria): 3*#-651-#53
  • Throne of Greed (SIN Monark Avaritia): **5-093-396
  • Throne of Sloth (SIN Monark Acedia): #*6-3**-4#3
  • Throne of Gluttony (SIN Monark Gula): *#0-194-952
  • Throne of Night (SIN Yoru): *38-904-#36
  • Throne of Sky (SIN Monark Tristia): 106-*5*-7*3
  • True Final Boss: 579-94#-991-# (Only accessible once you have defeated all nine other Monarks)

You can tackle any of the non-final boss Monarks in any order, as they are all equally difficult at level 99 with multiple level 92+ minions. Once you’ve bested all of the SIN Monarks, you can challenge the True Final Boss and, assuming you can withstand it’s onslaught, achieve the True Ending of the game.