How to remove rat swarms in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Here come the rats.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The wildlife in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla can be deadly if you’re not careful. In The Siege of Paris expansion, a new foe Eivor has to deal with are the rat swarms in Francia. These rat swarms are vicious and quite challenging to deal with if you’re not careful. However, unlike the other forms of wildlife, they do not take damage, and they cannot be killed. This guide details how to remove the rat swarms that have infested your pathway.

The primary way you’ll deal with the rats will be to gather them into a nearby sewer grate and push them away. The swarms will not go into these grates willingly. One of the best ways to lure them into these grates is to swing your weapon around, pushing them into a grate. If you’re having trouble getting rid of a rat swarm, try breaking some of the breakable objects near you to reveal them. The grates are not always left out in the available.

Once the rats have been driven away, they’re likely to be in the sewer for a bit of time. You’ll now be able to pass by the area without being bothered by them, but the rats will return. An excellent way to ensure they do not is to find an object you can carry and place it over the grate, preventing them from using it. Of course, you want to do this after all of the rats in the area have gone into the sewer, or else you’ll have to destroy the crate, carol them back into the sewer, and then place another container on top of it.