How To Repair Damaged Cargo And Packages In Death Stranding

As eager as you might be to make your deliveries in Death Stranding, sometimes things go wrong. It is not easy, and the cargo that you are trying to carry safely might end up taking a tumble along the way. If they get damaged, you can lose out at the end of the delivery, when you get your rating. Thankfully, there is a way for you to repair your damaged cargo and packages.

How To Repair Damaged Cargo And Packages In Death Stranding

At some point, the essential things you are trying to deliver in Death Stranding will take damage. To repair the package, you will need container repair spray. Interacting with your items and cargo is a little awkward in Death Stranding. First, you will need to open your inventory, then select the Package option. Select Offload to place it on the ground. Now, hold right on the D-Pad to open up the item menu.

Select container repair spray and equip it. Hold L2 to aim the spray, then R2 to fire it at the container. Now the vessel is repaired, but you do want to do this as quickly as you can after it takes damage. You can find container repair spray at the distribution centers, so be sure to stay stocked up, you never know when you will need it.

If you are out exploring the world and find a Timefall Shelter, you can also use it to repair your containers. Head inside, and your box will automatically get hit with some container repair spray. Timefall Shelters are designed to protect you from the deadly Timefall rain showers that occur, so it makes sense they would have a way to repair any cargo that took damage if you get caught out in the rain.

And there you have it. Now you know how to repair damaged cargo in Death Stranding.