The Outer Worlds – How To Upgrade And Repair Weapons And Armor


The Outer Worlds is all about exploration, talking to people, and smashing up weird creatures and robots with your collection of cool guns. Weapons and armor break down over time, however. You might also want to increase their stats, allowing you to do and survive more damage. In this guide, we will show you how to upgrade and repair your weapons and armor in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds – How To Upgrade And Repair Weapons And Armor

Tech Skills

To upgrade your weapons and armor, you want to have at least a score of 20 in Science, one of your Tech skills. These points in the skill unlock the Tinker ability. Once you have that unlocked, you can use a Workbench to Tinker with a weapon, and increase the damage it does, and the level of the weapon. To do so, go to the Workbench, you can find these in most Settlements, and on your ship.

Then, navigate to the Tinker tab, and select the weapon you wish to upgrade. Hit the prompted button to Tinker with it, but make sure you are willing to pay the Bits cost for doing so. This action enhances the weapon, resulting in better stats and more damage. You can follow the same process for your armor.

How To Repair Weapons And Armor

To repair weapons and armor, go to the Repair tab at the Workbench, and follow the same process. Repairing items will have a Weapon Parts cost, so be sure to keep an eye on it to make sure you are not using all your Weapon Parts. There is also an option to repair all equipped items if you so wish. If you do use up all your Weapon Parts, you can get more by breaking down weapons you no longer want, or duplicates of weapons you already have.