How to repair your boat in Windbound

Make sure you have the correct supplies.

Image via 5 Lives Studios

Your boat might take a beating in Windbound while out on the high seas. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a damaged vessel. Luckily, repairing and putting your boat back together shouldn’t be too difficult of a task. Still, you do need the correct supplies to do it.

When your boat needs repairs, you need to go into the crafting menu as if you were creating a new item. You should find the option in the boating portion. You can repair it while in the middle of the sea or on the shore next to your boat. The critical key to repairing your boat is that you need to be right next to it and highlighted. If you don’t, you won’t be able to fix it or see what resources it needs. Make sure Kara is facing the boat, and you should see how much health it has.

With your boat highlighted you can provide it with the repair it needs. If you don’t have the resources required to repair it, drop out of the menu to find it on a nearby island. Once you have all of the supplies to repair it, it’s a simple matter of having Kara go through a quick animation to bring it back up to full health. 

Depending on what type of boat you’ve built, it’s probably a good idea to have the primary resource you needed to make it in your inventory. For example, having thick grass in your inventory means you can repair your grass canoe while at sea. Have couple stacks of these in your inventory to make some quick repairs while dealing with any dangerous storms.