How To Repair Your Railjack In Warframe


Your Railjack will damage during missions; this is inevitable. Repairing it might not be a glamorous job. When fires break out, or hull breaches occur, someone needs to fix them to prevent the ship from going down. Tenno, who specialize in Engineering Intrinsic, can extend a mission than anyone else on the ship.

Railjack Payload Menu

To repair damage on a ship, you need to use your Omni tool. This tool is in your gear wheel now that Railjack has launched. Your Omni tool requires fuel, which is Revolite. To stock up on it the fuel, go to the Payload tab in the Railjack menu. The first option allows you to make 50 Revolite for 5 Pustrels and 5 Cubic Diodes. You can carry up to 300 Revolite at a time.

While playing the mission, it is a good idea to keep your map open on-screen by hitting “M” to see the locations of the fires quickly. When a fire breaks out, run to the area, and equip your Omni tool. Aim it at the fire and press the fire button on your mouse. For hull breaches, follow the pathway of the cracks in the wall to seal it.

Railjack Forge

If you run out of Revolite during the mission, you can build more in the back of the ship, using one of the Forges. You use the resources you pick up while you are fighting.

Because the vessel is not always on fire, you can spend time repelling boarders, shooting enemies on the guns, and producing other vital items in the Forge the ship needs. The Forge will instantly make the resource for you, but there’s a cooldown timer before you can use it again. There are four Forges. You can reduce the cooldown time by leveling up the Engineering Intrinsic.

As you level up the Engineering Intrinsic, you will eventually unlock a skill to put out fires remotely, so you can instantly respond to anything that occurs on the Railjack.