How to romance the Trapper in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

Let’s hope he doesn’t use any bear traps.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim is a comedy visual novel based on the popular horror game Dead by Daylight. You find yourself on Murderer’s Island where can date one of the four Killers inhabiting the island. One of these Killers is the iconic Trapper — here’s how to romance this wealthy and buff character in Hooked on You.

How to successfully romance the Trapper in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

The Trapper is a rich murderer who loves to show off how strong he is. If you want to romance the Trapper, here are all the choices you need to make in order to see his route to the end in Hooked on You: a Dead by Daylight Dating Sim.

  1. The first series of choices at the start of the game don’t impact your relationship with the Killers. So, feel free to say whatever you want.
  2. When you get to the choice where you select where you want to go, make sure you choose Trapper’s Yacht which is the right-most choice.
  3. When you get to his Yacht, you’ll be asked to choose the appetizer. Select “You can’t choose.”
  4. When Claudette and Dwight give you your food, make sure you’re mean to them. Select “Get rid of them.”
  5. You’ll be asked who you want to spend time with. Select Trapper.
  6. You’ll play a quick minigame. Make sure you do well at it to impress Trapper.
  7. When you get back to the island to eat, you’ll be asked to play yet another minigame. If you manage to get a perfect score, you’ll impress the Trapper. However, we wouldn’t stress too much about this one since it’s hard to get a perfect score on minigames.
  8. When the group asks you why you aren’t eating, say that the food is gross.
  9. If you’ve done everything right so far, the next scene should be you waking up with the Trapper holding you. Trapper will pull out a scroll, asking if you want to see it. Say “No.”
  10. Select “Follow quietly.”
  11. Trapper will then share a story about him fighting a bear with his own bare hands. He’ll then ask you if what he did was incredible. Say “Magnificent.”
  12. After this scene, you’ll be taken to the campfire for story time. When the game asks you who you want to hear a story from, pick Trapper. After his story, select “Now THAT’S a story.” If you do, you get a gold coin.
  13. After Trapper’s story, he’ll ask you for your honest thoughts. Say “Honesty is important.”
  14. When asked about Trapper’s cleaver toss, choose “Laugh.” You’ll get yet another gold coin.
  15. At the end of Day One, you’ll be asked who you want to spend time with by the fire. Select Trapper.
  16. The choices you made with Claudette and Dwight here don’t matter.
  17. You’ll be asked if you want to go on a date with the Trapper and another killer. Select to go on a date with the Trapper.
  18. When Trapper asks if you understand, select “Assume it’s a trap.”
  19. The Trapper will keep telling you to stay away from the cave entrance. Select “Don’t tell me what to do.” Once again, you’ll get a gold coin.
  20. When The Trickster appears and asks if you want to find love with him, select “Tell him no.” When he asks why, say that “You’re loyal to Trapper.”
  21. You can pick either choice here but selecting “Snoop around” will get you a golden coin.
  22. When Trapper asks if you want a drink, select “Hell yeah.”
  23. In the next scene, you’ll be back at the beach and the Huntress will try to persuade you to be with her. Select “No, you’re remaining loyal to Trapper.”
  24. After this encounter, the Trapper will ask if you want kids. Say “No.”
  25. The Trapper will present you a drawing of the Hillbilly. Select “It’s terrible.”
  26. When asked about your date, select “Say nothing.”
  27. What you say to Claudette and Dwight afterwards doesn’t matter.
  28. You’ll once again be at the campfire for another story. This time, you’ll be asked to tell one. For this section, you’ll want to make the following choices: “Fine I’ll tell a story,” “Adventure,” “No, you were kidding,” and “Action.”
  29. After your story, be sure to pick Trapper so he can tell the next story. After his story, select “Say nothing.”
  30. When asked who you want to spend time with, select Trapper.
  31. When the Trapper asks you why he picked this spot, select “It’s another test,” and then say it’s to test your “Survival.”
  32. Trapper will then ask you if you want to spend the night with him. Pick “Maybe, maybe not.”
  33. Select “You understand.”
  34. At the end of Day Two, you’ll be asked to eliminate someone. Don’t eliminate Trapper.
  35. When you’re asked who you want to give the flowers to, select Trapper.
  36. When the Trapper asks you what you desire most for the island, say “Power.”
  37. Ask Trapper “What he wants in a partner.”
  38. You’ll be asked to play another minigame. If you do well at it, you’ll impress the Trapper.
  39. After the minigame, you’ll be taken to Trapper’s cave. He’ll ask you if you want to see the tunnel now. Select “Only if he promises not to kill you.”
  40. Share with Trapper your “True romantic heartbreak.”
  41. When the Trapper asks you what you think of his father, select “Tell him his father raised him right.”
  42. Select “Uh, is he okay?”
  43. When Trapper asks if you believe him, select “No, you don’t believe him.”
  44. The questions you ask Trapper’s father don’t have any impact on the game. So, select any choice you want here.
  45. When Mr. Macmillan asks you if you would ever let someone stand in the way of what you want, choose “Never.”
  46. When he asks you what you want from Trapper, say “A partner in crime.” Then say you mean that literally.
  47. Macmillan’s last question to you would be if you would ever hurt his son. Say “Yes.”
  48. When you’re by yourself, select “Look around” to get a gold coin.
  49. When Trapper comes back in a very shiny underwear, select “Finally! Let’s do this!”
  50. Select “Meh.”
  51. When you’re at the beach and the Trapper asks you if you would kill someone for him, select “Depends on the person.”
  52. Trapper will ask you to kill his father. Select “No.”
  53. When asked why, say “I would never kill any MacMillan.”
  54. To get Trapper’s good ending, select “Yes, I love Trapper!”
  55. To get his bad ending, select “No, I don’t love him.”