How to save your game in Mundaun

A helpful hint to get up the mountain.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mundaun is a hand-drawn horror tale from the team at Hidden Fields. It places you in the shoes of a young man going back to his former home in the alps after his grandfather dies. Things take a turn for the creepy incredibly quickly, and you’ll have to work your way up the mountain to solve the mystery.

The game doesn’t have a robust auto-save system. Instead, you’re relying on either the intermittent auto-saves after big moments or using the game’s manual save system. Unfortunately, the game’s blink-and-you-miss-it tutorial tip might have missed your purview when it popped up. That said, it’s not too tough to figure out.

To manually save in Mundaun, all you need to do is find a grandfather clock and use it. The first one you’ll come across is in your grandfather’s bedroom. It’s up against the wall across from his bed. So far, we’ve found these save points to be relatively few and far between, so it’s important to hunt them out. Finding those crucial save points will keep you rolling even if you meet an untimely end.

Screenshot by Gamepur

On top of that, they’re important to seek out as they also usually have some beneficial items sitting next to them. In our experience, we’ve found items that increase our max health besides each grandfather clock we’ve uncovered. Those are important pick-ups to keep you alive against the monsters of the mountain.