How to sign up for the Turbo Golf Racing beta test

Players can sign up for the PC-only beta of Turbo Golf Racing on the game’s website.

Image by Hugecalf Studios

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On March 24, developer Hugecalf Studios and publisher Secret Mode announced a brand-new game titled Turbo Golf Racing, which seems to have caught the eye of many players.

In the announcement trailer, which ended up garnering 15,000 views in less than 24 hours over on Xbox’s official YouTube channel, the developer also revealed that Turbo Golf Racing would be getting a beta test at some point in the near future, which will, of course, allow players to get their hands on the title early.

Unfortunately, playing the beta won’t be as simple as downloading it off a digital storefront. Instead, players will have to head over to Turbo Golf Racing’s official website and fill out a Google form in order to sign up for it.

The form itself is relatively simple, only requiring your name and email address, so it should only take players a few seconds to fill out. Unfortunately, the form only mentions Steam, so even though the game will be released on Xbox’s family of consoles as well, and will even hit Game Pass when it launches, it seems like the beta will only be on PC for now.

Turbo Golf Racing has been described by fans as a mix between Rocket League and golf, with players using vehicles and items to knock giant balls down a race track, sending them through goals along the way. A PlayStation or Nintendo Switch version of the game has yet to be announced.