How to Solve the Tomb of Eilram Puzzles in Jedi: Fallen Order


There are two puzzles you can solve during the Tomb of Eilram, in Jedi: Fallen Order. The first one gives access to a Force Essence to enhance Cal’s abilities, and the second players need to solve to escape the tomb. Players are going to visit this tomb while they’re on Zeffo.

The first puzzle is in a room where Cal drops in after skating down an ice path, where he encounters three Scazz, the oversized rats. After taking them down, players are going to notice there’s a jetstream of air shooting through the room. It does not damage them, but it does significantly move them.

Tomb of Eilram Puzzle

Use the picture above as a guide. From where Cal is facing, there’s a ball on the upper right portion of that room. To the left of it, there’s a large panel. Go to it and open up a jetstream of air. Then, go to the panel behind the ball to get push the ball away, but immediately turn it off when the ball makes it to the back, and move away.

The large ball should make it to the left side and then back to where it came, smashing into the wall. It’s going to reveal a new stream of air players need to activate. This jetstream pushes the ball back to the left side of the room and then keeps it stuck in the middle. Go to the middle of the room, and you’ll find another panel behind the ball. Activate it to push the ball to the center of the room.

When the ball locks into place, it reveals a hidden floor beneath it, and players can get the Force Essence hidden underneath.

The second puzzle occurs after Cal progresses further into the tomb and relearns how to use Force Push. After gaining the new ability, proceed to the room pictured below. However, you’ll want to defeat the Tomb Guardian at the back of the room before starting the puzzle, so it doesn’t interrupt you.

Tomb of Eilram Puzzle Part 2

Push the ball forward and have it land below. Then, get behind it and use force push to send it down a small pathway to the left side of the room. The brass ball is going to go down a small ramp. When it reaches the bottom, get behind the ball and push it once, and then when it starts to go up the steep slope, use force push again to push it over.

It’s going to land where you fought the Tomb Guardian. You should see a small divet in an alcove, to the left of where to Tomb Guardian stood. Use force push to bring it forward, but use Slow to ensure it doesn’t go past this point. While it’s slow, get behind it and use force push again, sending it into the divet. This opens up a door behind where the Tomb Guardian stood. Go through, and start climbing to the top.

When you get to the top, there’s a new brass ball you’re going to use in the next step of the puzzle. Use the force on it to send into the main room, and then use force push to send it down the ramp you sent the first ball. You’re going to notice there’s a gust of air shooting out of the ramp, and when you send the ball down, it’s going to push the ball to the second level.

You’re going to find another divet to send the ball into using force push. This raises up the platform it’s resting on, sending a gust of air forward. Now, go behind it to where it first land, and use the force on the small chunk of wall glowing blue. Proceed through it, and you’ll see you’re back to the room with a ball hanging from the ceiling. Use force push to knock it down to the ground. When it lands, use the force to send it flying through the broken stones. It’s going to arrive in the main room.

Tomb of Eliram Puzzle Final Divet

Much like the previous two brass balls you’ve been using, you need to send that ball on the same pathway. However, it’s going to keep going because of the gusts of wind on the ramp. You need to use force slow to stop it when it goes through the second gust of wind, and then while it’s slowed, use force push to send it into the final divet.