How to Soothe BBs and Make Them Stop Crying in Death Stranding

A crying BB is a sad BB, and that makes Sam’s life a bit harder when he’s attempting to make his way throughout Death Stranding. A crying BB is liable to cause a bunch of problems, and they’re going to make plenty of noise. With a little extra time spent taking care of them, Sam can quickly calm a BB down and have them stop making noise. Here’s how to do it.

How to Sooth BBs and Make Them Stop Crying in Death Stranding

Players can quickly check on the status of their BBs from their private room before missions or going out. To do so, players look to where the BB is resting, next to Sam’s suits, and use the “X” button. This brings players to the BB, where they examine them and get an up-close view of the little one. By hitting the “Square” button, players can Soothe the BB by tapping on the container, getting a brief update on how the BB is doing overall. Making sure to check this often is going to assist players in acknowledging their progress with their BB.

Now, out in the field, things are a little different.

A BB can begin to cry or become fussy if Sam falls, gets hit by enemies, or things around them start to go crazy. When a BB starts to cry, Sam needs to go out of his way to ensure the little one can rest and go back to sleep. To do this, first make sure Sam is in a safe area to take time away from his delivery and focus on them. Once you’ve done that, you can start to focus on the BB.

Hold the L1 button to look down and go into the first-person view, and then hit the down button on the directional pad. This action is going to have Sam look straight down at his BB, making sure they’re okay. Because the BB is stressing out at this point, it’s likely crying and making quite a bit of noise. When Sam is looking directly down at the BB, hit the “Square” for Sam to start holding the BB in both hands. From there, slowly and steadily rock the PlayStation 4 controller back and forth when cradling the BB to rock it back to sleep. Sam is also going to be making small, cooing noises and encouraging his BB to return to sleep.

Players will know they have finished comforting their BB when it has stopped making noise and returns to sleep, shutting its eyes. The time to make the BB stop crying should only take a couple of seconds, especially if players have mastered the rocking motion with their controllers.

That’s all you need to know about soothing your BB to make them stop crying. The biggest thing is to check up on your BB’s status every so often when you’re in your private room to make sure they’re happy and doing okay.