How To Stiff-arm in Madden 20

Being completely reliant on speed to get you touchdowns in Madden 20 isn’t the best idea. It is essential to know when to deliver a solid stiff arm to the opposition. In this guide, we show you how to do it.

How To Stiff-arm in Madden 20

When you are carrying the ball, one of the techniques you can use is the stiff-arm. The method has you transfer the ball to the arm that is furthest from the defender, then use the closer arm to push them away from you. It is a great way to save yourself from some fumbles, and potentially pick up some extra yards on the play.

To stiff-arm, hold X on the PS4 or A on the Xbox One while carrying the ball. How well your player performs a stiff arm will depend upon their attributes, the higher their Break Tackle stat, the better they will be at successfully stiff-arming. To perfect the stiff arm, it helps to cut slightly in the direction of the opposing player and then hit the stiff arm button just before you make an impact. While you can stiff-arm only by holding the button, timing it correctly should get you better results. Pressing the button will also reduce your speed a little, which could cost you some yardage.

You also want to be very careful of other player’s positions. If you get tackled on the side the ball is being carried on, it increases your chances of fumbling. The stiff arm is ideal at defending from fumbles when your opponent is going for a diving tackle, so be sure to keep a close eye on what your opponent is doing with his defense.

And that’s it. Like most things, the stiff arm takes practice to learn the best situations to use it in. It will boil down to a few factors, including the actual player that is carrying the ball. If they have a very low break tackle stat, you might be better off just covering the ball and taking the tackle to try and ensure you don’t fumble.