How to turn off ray tracing in Watch Dogs: Legion

Prioritizing performance over visuals.

How to turn off ray tracing on Watchdogs: Legion

The third installment in the Watch Dogs franchise is all set to bring a plethora of new elements. With ray tracing getting more mainstream in video games, Watch Dogs: Legion also features ray tracing on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

If you have a card facing a lot of performance issues due to ray tracing, you might want to turn it off. Usually, DLSS compensates for the performance dip due to ray tracing, but that’s not always the case, especially for lower-end cards. Here is how you can turn off ray tracing in Watch Dogs: Legion.

  • Go to the Pause Menu and select Options
  • Click on Video
  • Under the Quality tab, scroll down until you see the Ray Tracing section

There are several options in the Ray Tracing setting in Watch Dogs: Legion. Apart from turning it off completely, you can also toggle between Medium, High, and Ultra. Depending on your choice, your VRAM utilization, CPU Load, and Memory Load will increase or decrease. You can find the utilization and load in the bottom right corner.