How to unlock and evolve the Bracelet in Vampire Survivors

Use the Bracelet to power through your enemies.

Image via Poncle

One of the most unique weapons in Vampire Survivors is the Bracelet. It is a weapon that has two upgrades instead of the usual one, and it doesn’t need another accessory to reach its true form. It’s also a powerful weapon from the start, which gets even more powerful as it evolves. It also only takes up one weapon slot, which is perfect if you have a free slot after creating a weapon like Fuwalafuwaloo or Peachone.

Getting the Bracelet isn’t the easiest task though, since it does have some special requirements. It’s also a harder weapon to obtain if you aren’t familiar with the combat system. Thankfully, with some practice and the right weapon combinations, getting the Bracelet will be easy.

How to unlock the Bracelet

The Bracelet is unlocked by surviving a 30 minute round with either Divano or Gallo. Their weapons are the Clock Lancet and Laurel respectively. They are also not offensive weapons, but these characters do come with an additional level up to give you another weapon to fight back.

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The map choice doesn’t matter, but it must be a 30 minute round. Don’t choose any of the bonus stages for this, or you won’t make it in time. You just have to win with either Gallo or Divano, which means choosing between the Clock Lancet or Laurel.

Once you clear a stage in 30 minutes, the Bracelet notification will appear and the Bracelet will now begin to appear in your level up notifications. It is also the weapon of choice of secret character Gyorunton if you wanted to get some experience with the weapon.

Evolving the Bracelet in combat

The Bracelet is unique in that it can evolve after getting six upgrades. Once it has been fully upgraded, you have picked up a treasure chest during the round, and ten minutes have passed, the Bracelet can start evolving into the Bi-Bracelet. Unlike other weapons, you don’t need any accessory for the Bracelet to evolve. It just needs six upgrades and the typical weapon evolution requirements to be met before the upgrade starts appearing.

Once the Bi-Bracelet gets six upgrades of its own and is considered fully upgraded, your next treasure chest can evolve the Bi-Bracelet into the Tri-Bracelet. The Tri-Bracelet is the final evolution of the Bracelet and it doesn’t go farther than that. It still only occupies a single weapon slot, and can be supplemented with other weapons/accessories as well. The Tri-Bracelet also has its own upgrades, but unfortunately doesn’t change into another weapon.

The challenge with the Bracelet is remembering that it doesn’t need anything else to evolve other than all six upgrades. As long as you keep that in mind with the Bracelet and Bi-Bracelet, evolving the Bracelet will be easy.