How to unlock Glaceon in Pokémon Unite

Grab Eevee’s Ice-type evolution form, Glaceon.

Glaceon is coming to Pokémon Unite and will be available for you to unlock during the first portion of the Pokémon Unite celebration event, allowing you to grab them for free. There will be several steps and things you need to do before you add Glaceon to your account. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock Glaceon in Pokémon Unite.

How to get Glaceon’s Unite License

The unlock process for Glaceon is through the Icy Glaceon Challenge, which is available on July 21 starting at 12 AM PT. You can find it under the Featured Events section and have until August 14 to grab this license through the challenge. You will need to obtain 100 tokens during the event. The first four challenges are available when you log into the game and complete them in the Icy Glaceon Challenge section.

There will be four daily challenges you can complete every day. These are the four challenges.

  • Log into the game
  • Complete a battle
  • Complete 3 battles
  • Complete a battle while playing with a friend.

These challenges will be available until August 14, the event’s end. They refresh every day, giving you the chance to steadily work through each one at a steady pace. We believe the toughest one will be attempting to complete a battle while playing with a friend unless you regularly play with a specific circle of friends.

Alternatively, you can choose to pay 575 Aeos gems to purchase this Pokémon immediately. You can grab it from the Shop under the Unite Battle Committee tab.